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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization/SEO is a step by step process of improving visibility of website in Search Engines to increase the traffic of website.
  • Good looks and wonderful content are the essentials for your website. But what use is it of, if there is no one to visit your eye-catching site and read about your products and services. Besides having a great product, a nice looking website with brilliant content, you will need visitors, a lot of visitors to have a successful website. You become a brand once We are successful to attract the maximum traffic that we can to your website. You must be thinking you have great products, an existing customer base and website is an add on, but this website is essential to widen your existing customer base, convert these visits into sales leads, increase your business manifold.

    There are many companies out there who claim to be able to get you number one rankings for given search terms, however common sense tells you that there is no way a company can get you to number one for a keyword for a set price. For example the same company will call 100 gift shops and tell them all that they can be number one in the search engines, how can 100 different shops all be number one with the same keywords?

    The answer? They can't. What they can do however is to select an obscure search term such as 'big lion cardboard gift' and with a lot of work get you to number one. There is no way to guarantee search engine positions so avoid any company that claims to be able to do so for a one off fee.

    However not all Search Engine Optimisation companies are a waste of time, they can help you setup your online shop so that it is full of relevant keywords and specially optimised for the search engines, which is very important. You can do this yourself of course but it can be hard work and sometimes requires lots of work every day.

    WSC can offer such services and so it's worth contacting us to see exactly what we can do for you.Being optimised for the search engine is one of the most important things for all websites and its worth taking time getting it right. However there is another way to ensure that number one position in the search engines.

    SEO Activities Report

    1. Traffic Report : Fortnightly
    2. Keyword Ranking Report : Fortnightly
    3. Alexa Ranking Report : Fortnightly
    4. Page Rank Report : Monthly
    5. Link Popularity Report : Monthly
    6. Web Analytics Report : Fortnightly
    7. Usability Study : Quarterly

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