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  • Website Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

For any successful business it is must to keep their website well maintain. Maintaining a website make sure that the website is up to date, fully functional and continuing to serve its purpose of attracting a customers. Website Maintenance includes various thinks which are essential for keeping the functioning of website proper.
  • To help you We have our support and maintenance service. It offers so much more than a standard maintenance agreement, adding real business value for growing online enterprises. It is a fact that search engines such as Google rate websites with changing content more important than those that don't. This directly affects your ranking within Google and has an impact on how potential customers find your site. So having a team that can quickly and efficiently update your website as requested is a key point to keeping you visible to your customers.
  • WSC Maintenance & Support

    Monthly subscriptions

  1. Dedicated priority service with 2 hour response
  2. Responsive telephone and email technical support
  3. Admin support for your website domains and email
  4. General maintenance, content changes & development
  5. Support & setup of email and newsletter campaigns
  6. Advice & support with internet marketing
  7. Detailed monthly report

Our proactive service adds business value for unused monthlytime allocation. On our customer approval, this could be used for search engine optimisation (SEO), social media updates, a business evaluation to ensure your web presence remains competitive in the market place, a Google analytics or keyword assessment, testing and error checking, page links, images, forms and browser/device compatibility or functional investigation and recommendations

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